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How To Make Homemade Rainbow Fruit Popsicles - Healthy and Fun Treats! (by LifeWithDoulaTish)

WARNING UBER CUTE COOKS around 4-6 y.o ;)

How to Make Your Own Fruit Roll Ups (by FaveDiets)

Use a dehydrtaor to make a sweet snack that will nourish your body and your sweet tooth. In this recipe video, Dorothy from Taichibozeman.com/rawfood shows you how to make homemade fruit leather using a dehydrator. Think of this healthy snacks recipe as a much healthier version of fruit roll ups!

Go to http://www.favehealthyrecipes.com/Fru… for more easy fruit recipes and tips.

Pastry Art- Fresh Fruit Tart (by GalsBliss)

Fruit Tart Recipe:
Pâte Sucrée Ingredients
Butter, unsalted 7 ½ oz.
Sugar, powdered 3 oz.
Salt, kosher ¼ tsp. rounded
Lemon zest, grated ¾ tsp.
Eggs, beaten 3 oz.
Extract, vanilla 1/8 tsp.
Flour, cake 12 oz.

Pastry Cream ingredients :
Milk, whole 16 oz.
Vanilla Bean ¼ ea.
Sugar, granulated 2 oz.
Egg Yolks 5 each
Cornstarch 1 oz.
Sugar, granulated 2 oz.
Butter, unsalted 1 Tblsp


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